• Nail polish and oils: Each Batch is hand mixed, so slight variations may occur.
  • All Krisable Designs products are for external use only.
  • Flash effect is most apparent under direct bright lighting, such as a camera flash
  • Nail Polish Toppers are a clear base meant to be worn over other polishes. They are not the same as a sheer polish. For more coverage try sponging on the glitter topper.
  • While my swatchers and I do our best to ensure photos are colour accurate, photos are taken under bright direct light, lighting and skin tone can affect the shade.
  • Note: Single releases are only swatched by one or two people, the so they are discounted slightly.
  • Thermals will eventually lose their ability to transition and will become "stuck". You can expect to get at least 6 months transition out of them, some last much longer there is no way of knowing how long a thermal will transition for.
  • Solars and Glow In the dark  can eventually lose their ability to transition.  This is rare but can happen. Please keep in mind when purchasing these polishes.
  • NEONS, especially purple, and polishes containing neon purple are prone to fading. All shades can fade over time. You can expect to get 6 months full vibrancy out of all shades.
  • Staining: some pigments are very strong and prone to staining nail beds. While this is harmless some do not like the look of this. To prevent staining make sure you use a good base coat.  While staining may be indesirable, it can be easily covered by another polish and does not affect your nail health or structure in anyway.
  • Nail polish is flammable , keep away from open flame and extreme heat.