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Sea Slugs Collection- Full Collection

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Includes the full Sea Slugs Collection and 6 slug stickers.
Sabrina Slugsly: bright pink jelly base with iredescant shifty flakes.
Sammy The Slugger: Orange base with blue metallic flakes and micro holo glitter.
Shawn Slugnacious: solar/thermal: pale green to white thermal that changes to purple under uv light. Filled with matte lilac glitters, purple metallic flakes, and purple shimmer.
Sabastian Sluggerton: GITD: Teal leaning green base with iridescent flakes and black flakes. Glows blue/teal in the dark.
Sophia Slugith: purple base with blue shimmer and blue flash glitter.
 Sarah Sluggerton: GITD: yellow base with red/orange shimmer glows yellowish green in the dark.
Ingredients: listed on each individual shade.