Scent List

Nail Oils Scent List:

1.Iced Cinnamon Bun: Vanilla Buttercream Frosting, with the delicious smell of fresh baked cinnamon buns.

2. Sweet Blue Pineapple: Fresh Juicy Pineapple with a hint of blue raspberry. Tropical goodness.

3.Vanilla Pumpkin Spice: French vanilla with the classic pumpkin spice blend we all know and love.

4.Citrus Breeze: Lemon and Orange, this is a more subtle scent.

5.Strawberry Champagne: exactly as the name describes, strawberries with fizzy champagne.

6.Blue Raspberry lemonade: Juicy blue raspberry and lemon, like a summer drink.

7.Lilacs and Lilies: Smells exactly like fresh cut flowers, Lilly of the Valley and Lilac, a fan favorite.

8.Vanilla Latte: Fresh brewed coffee with a hint of vanilla, this is a more subtle scent, perfect for coffee lovers. (limited edition)

9. Unscented

10. Mocha: the perfect blend of coffee and chocolate, just like the drink this is perfection.

11. Bouquet of roses: pure and simple rose scent, classic and beautifully floral

12. Fruit loops: inspired by the classic cereal, this scent brings you back to childhood

13. Pink Lemonade: classic lemonade with a hint if tart raspberry

14. Carmelo Dulce: Dulce de Leche with Carmel notes

15. Sweet Pink Sugar: A lightly floral sweet scent.

16. Satsuma Orange: classic citrus scent

17. Birthday Cake: frosted vanilla cake scent

18. Marshmallow: exactly as names, smells of sweet delicious marshmallow.